Why do men lose weight faster than women?

But is it really true that men lose weight faster than women? The answer is yes, as in reality many ladies have always said. At least when they reach middle age. The results of the experiment carried out by the British universities of Newcastle and Glasgow would leave no room for doubt.

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Researchers from the two universities have monitored nearly 300 men and 300 women living with type 2 diabetes, which generally affects overweight people. All participants had to follow a particularly strict diet of just 850 calories per day. In reality, the research team wanted to understand if following a decidedly low-calorie diet it was possible to reverse type 2 diabetes .

Men lose weight faster: British research

Both men and women consumed the same number of calories. In fact, the first results published in the prestigious scientific journal The Lancet had shown that half of the participants had managed to go into remission from type 2 diabetes. But a new analysis found that the gentlemen had lost more weight than the ladies. After a year on the diet, the men had lost 11% of their body weight, while the women had stopped at 8.4%. During the second year, males had lost a further 8.5%, while females 6.9%.

The first reason is to be found in the fact that men are generally more muscular than women. As is known, a greater mass of muscles also corresponds to a greater number of calories spent simply to support oneself. This is why it tends to be argued that men can eat more than women.

There would also be hormonal reasons behind the lower weight loss, especially after menopause, when estrogen disappears. Many studies support this, but it is not true for all women.

More visceral fat in men, more subcutaneous fat in women

Another issue is about visceral fat. As we know it is the most dangerous for health. It is what surrounds the internal organs and increases the risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. Men usually have a larger amount of this fat. Losing pounds of visceral fat has a direct benefit on metabolism. This allows you to burn more calories.

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Instead, women have more subcutaneous fat, located mainly on the thighs, hips and arms. This is due to a pregnancy-related issue, but has little effect on the metabolism. Naturally, women store fat for reproductive functions, so they have less metabolically active tissue. As a result, they burn fewer calories for the same amount of food ingested than men.

The psychological aspects

Women often find relief from anxiety through food. It is much more common to see a woman eating some sweets in front of the television in the evening than it is to men. The economic impact also plays an important role and women generally earn less than men. This leads them to seek gratification in food. In short, they are more inclined to take refuge in the so-called comfort food, which means many more calories.

The stress

Another aspect that should not be underestimated concerns the levels of stress. All too often it is women who bear family responsibilities, such as housework, caring for the elderly and children, as well as working outside the home. Stress raises levels of cortisol , which is the stress hormone, which facilitates weight gain, especially in the abdominal region.


Also for these reasons it is generally women who suffer from insomnia or night rest problems. Sleeping little or badly has an impact on the production of ghrelin, the hormone that regulates the sense of appetite. The less you rest, the more appetite you will have. Also, being tired pushes you to seek rewards in the kitchen.

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Then there is the problem of the assimilation of alcohol. Women have a harder time getting rid of the so-called empty calories from alcohol. They are defined as empty because they do not provide nutrients, if not in very low percentages. That’s why men can drink up to two glasses of wine a day, while women have to limit themselves to one.

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