Tips for traveling | 20 Tips to save money, time and enjoy more

20 Tips to travel and enjoy the trip even more

Although you cannot put all of them into practice, since they are not always adapted to the characteristics of each trip, take note of all those that are most interesting to you. In addition, in the links that you will find in some of them, we will recommend companies, services, and products that we ourselves use and of which we have already verified their quality.

1. Bankcard designed to travel

If you have your bank card, remember to enable it so that you can use it abroad and always have access to money, especially in emergencies. Remember that if you do not notify your bank, it is likely that they will automatically block it when they detect “unusual” use.

Woman in Brown Coat Holding a Bank Card

But of course, these traditional banking services are usually expensive … That is why we recommend that you look for a bank card with good conditions for travelers: that does not charge you commissions for paying abroad, that allows you to withdraw money in the local currency without being charged and make it easy to block in the event you get lost.

We recommend the N26 card, a card that meets these conditions and also has other interesting benefits. You can get your card for free and if you also do it through the GrowPro link and entering the GROWPRO code, they will give you € 10!

2. Take a thief in your suitcase

One of the best travel tips they can give you is to take a thief with you. Today there is no trip without a camera, a mobile phone, and the odd electrical device. How are you going to load them? Take a thief with you (shoe, power strip, cutter …) This way you can plug in all your devices, even if there are few plugs in the hotel room.

Also, if you travel to a country that has different power outlets than your country, you can charge all your electronic devices with a single adapter. This way you save money and space in your suitcase. ?

3. That turbulence is not a problem

Are you afraid of flying by plane? Do you suffer when there is turbulence? Then try to check-in as soon as possible to secure one of the seats near the wings. It is the area of ​​the plane where turbulence is least noticeable. If these seats are taken, the front of the plane is better than the tail.

On the other hand, when flying at night you are less likely to have turbulent events. Also the newer the plane, the less you will notice these annoying vibrations. In any case, you should not worry, turbulence is common and airplanes are more than prepared to deal with it.

4. Don’t get wet!

Put a small foldable raincoat in your backpack . They take up very little space and can save you from getting soaked on more than one occasion. They are also usually very spacious so with them you can also cover your backpack and other personal items.

Woman Floating In Body Of Water

This is essential if you plan to travel to areas with rain such as the tropics or Australia or simply if you have decided to travel during the rainy season.

5. Don’t run out of cash

If you have to change currency, take something from your country. Sometimes the exchange rates given at airports are very high and if you need money to pay for the bus or taxi, you will be forced to pay those rates. On the other hand, if you do it from your country and compare the rates of banks and exchange houses, you will be able to find the best conditions to carry a little money before arriving.

You can also use the Ria online exchange office , which in addition to having good rates, sends the money to your home for greater comfort. Using the GROWPRO code you will get better conditions.

Also, always try to request small bills, when making the change. This way you will have no problem making small expenses.

6. Attitude is what counts!

If you don’t have a good level of English or you don’t speak the language of the country you are going to visit, don’t worry. Sometimes it is just a question of attitude: with positivity and a smile many doors are opened . You can also learn a few typical words and phrases in the local language, if they see that you make an effort to speak it, they will be even more motivated to help you.

It never hurts to learn how to say hello, say goodbye, and say thank you in the local language?

7. Don’t overload. Take just enough

Be careful what you put in your suitcase or backpack! We tend to fill it with things “just in case”  that is, things that we do not think we will use unless a special condition exists. For example, a coat for a beach destination in summer or a swimsuit for a mountaineering excursion in winter are things “just in case”.

Happy woman shopping online at home

Yes, it could be that just one of the beach days it would be very cold and you will need it and yes, it is possible that in the mountain hostel where you are going to stay you will find a jacuzzi, but the odds are low … keep it simple! avoid taking them with you in case and if you need them later, you can always buy them.

8. No Roaming! Get your card wherever you go

Go to the country you are going to, find out what possibilities it offers to get a local mobile card with data or a wireless wifi router. If you have internet throughout your stay wherever you are, you can benefit from Apps such as Google Maps (to get to all the places you want to visit in the fastest way) or Tripadvisor (to find the best places to eat and dine) among many others.

As if this were not enough, you will have the possibility to consult travel blogs to get route ideas, you can upload the odd photo or story to Instagram, and most importantly: you will be well connected in the event that something unexpected happens to you.

9. Get a Power Bank

Surely on your trip you will be taking photos, making bursts, recording incredible videos (and others not so much). But of course, the mobile battery is not eternal for this reason, take a power bank in your backpack , that is, an external battery that allows you to charge your devices on the go and in cases of emergency. They are really cheap and you can save yourself in more than one trouble.

In addition, many power banks allow you to charge several devices at the same time and if they are of large capacity, it allows you to charge them several times. And they hardly even use space in the suitcase

10. Check your passport. It’s important!

Keep in mind that the passport not only has to be valid at the time of your arrival in the country of destination but also during the entire trip including the day of departure. Make sure your passport does not expire in less than six months , many countries will not accept you, even if your passport is not yet expired.

In addition to your physical passport, make a scanned copy and save it in the cloud so that you can access it at any time even if all your belongings were lost.

11. Separate the money. A little here, another there

There are countries that are safer than others, but as a general rule, it is always advisable to be cautious. One of the travel tips that you should take into account is to keep the money that you take with you spread out in various places. For example a little in the purse, a little in the suitcase and a little in the secret pocket of your jacket. In this way you will avoid that in the event of a loss or a theft you run out of money.

12. Travel comfortably on the plane

Take comfortable clothes for the plane, especially if it is a long trip. Also pack a headset, an eye mask and an inflatable head pillow in your flight kit. The set takes up very little space and can help you have a more relaxed and calm flight. If you manage to rest during the flight, you will arrive at your destination with much more energy.

People Sitting Inside Airplane

It also doesn’t hurt to bring a toothbrush and some perfume, if it’s a long trip you’ll feel fresher.

13. Beware of scams

Another essential travel tip is to find out about the most common scams in the country you are going to visit . Really … in each country they change! and sometimes you can be caught off guard. If you learn a little about it, you can avoid a bad drink during your experience.

14. Traveling with insurance is more than advice

Get travel insurance that covers possible accidents, illnesses and even lost luggage. They are inexpensive and give you tremendous peace of mind. You trip and sprain your ankle: to the doctor. You get a stomach illness from eating at a street stall: to the doctor … quickly and without complications. Keep in mind that in most countries, if something happens to you and you need to go to the doctor without having health insurance, you will end up having to pay the related expenses and these are usually very high.

[su_box title = »Recommended medical insurance» box_color = »# ff4351 ″ title_color =» # ffffff »]

Taking into account coverage, assistance, guarantee and prices, these are the two insurances that we recommend from GrowPro and that all our team uses when traveling around the world:

15. Your memories, that are not Made in China


Stay away from the typical souvenirs without personality, made in China (unless you are in China of course). Find something special, something that will remind you of the adventure you have had in an authentic way. It may not be that easy to find, but it is a worthwhile effort.

In addition, buying these types of souvenirs helps the local economy and supports the preservation of crafts and traditions that can sometimes have many centuries of history but are unfortunately being lost.

16. Save space in the suitcase

If you want more clothes to fit in the suitcase, occupying the same volume, try rolling it instead of folding it . In addition to taking up less space this way, it is also easier to manage once you start using it. It is easier to remove and put rolled t-shirts and pants from the suitcase without cluttering the rest of the clothes than it is to do it with folded clothes.

Also, by doing it this way, your clothes will be less wrinkled. Super important to look good in all your photos, you will not want your photo with the kangaroos to be ruined. One of our favorite travel tips! ?

17. Don’t buy flights with airlines

Do not buy your flights directly on the airline’s page, using a comparator like Skyscanner you will save a lot of money by getting the cheapest flights that operate on the route you want.

18. If you go alone, choose a Hostel

Another tip for traveling is that you  stay in a hostel, this way you will save money and meet people from all over. It is the perfect place to make friends, travel companions or who knows …? If you move around the common areas of your hostel you will surely meet other travelers like you who are eager to make friends. Do not cut yourself!

In addition, many hostels even organize activities for their guests to get to know each other. City tours, game nights, parties, etc. A great experience!

19. Sign up for a local cooking course

Do you want to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are going to visit? Sign up for a local cooking course! It is incredible what can be discovered about a country by the way it cooks, the ingredients it uses and the history that lies behind each dish. Also, isn’t it great to be able to go home and relive the experience of your trip with your palate?

20. May your trip never ends

Take a small notepad with you. It may seem like one of the most outdated travel tips, but it’s really worth it. If you carry this notebook by hand or in one of the pockets of your backpack you can write down all those experiences, addresses, anecdotes, places and things that catch your attention.

Fortunately or unfortunately, human memory is not perfect and sometimes, after a trip, we forget many details that at the time we thought were fantastic. With a small notebook this will not happen to you. Also, by doing it this way, your mobile memory will be fully available for photos. ?

We hope that our selection of travel tips has been interesting for you and that you can take advantage of many of the tips for your next trip.

Our goal is to continue expanding this article with new tips to travel with each new adventure of our team. But guess what! To make this even better, we want to have your help. What are your essential travel tips? What recommendations do you make to your friends and family when they go to travel? Leave us a comment and in future updates we will surely include them!

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