Apply for Canadian accredited online degree at Athabasca University

With over 70 online undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas and certificate programs and over 850 courses to choose from, Athabasca University is offering accredited online degree with a tailor-made solutions for your aspirations.

Athabasca University is a leader and innovator in online education in Canada and around the world. The courses and programs offered are recognized globally.

AU is the ideal way to pursue your post-secondary education. You are not required to be online at a specific time. You can take your course work anywhere you happen to go!

When is the online learning take place
Undergraduate courses start on the first day of each month. This offers you the flexibility to start courses on your own schedule and when you are ready.

Student eligibility
Becoming an Athabasca University student is easy – admission policy means if you are 16 or older, you will be accepted as a student. Certain courses and programs require prior education.