12 tips to follow before embarking on a car trip

Holidays are synonymous with happiness, we are delighted to embark on a journey to our preferred destination, we prepare our bags conscientiously trying not to forget a single detail in them, but do we do the same with the vehicle that will transport our bags and our happiness? CEA gives you 12 tips to keep in mind in that list of pre-vacation preparations.

Car travel tips

Tune-up, car review

  • Any inspection should start with the most important thing, the tires. Check the depth of the tread, which does not have to be less than 1.6 mm, it does not have to have any type of deformation or irregular wear. Of course, we will also have to take into account their pressure, which we must measure when cold – the correct pressure must be the maximum indicated since we will be loaded and in this way we will avoid a possible tire blowout.
  • Check the levels of: oilbrake fluid, power steering fluid (in the case of hydraulic cars), coolant (never water because it oxidizes the metal) and above all, the windshield washer fluid, the one that we always forget and that could cause an undesirable situation.
  • Checking that the air filters are clean is simple to do and inexpensive to check. Having clean filters will help us to consume less fuel and not to exponentially pollute the environment.
  • The lights are also very important. Check both the indicators and the lighting, that they are in perfect condition and well regulated.
  • Air conditioning not only provides comfort but also reduces fatigue, which has an impact on safety. If it cools little or noises are heard when you connect it, have it checked.

Tips for the Driver

  • Before starting the march you must have rested, fatigue can cause loss of concentration and that, an accident.
  • You have to hydrate well, drink water or drinks with sugar. Drinking will help us stay hydrated and sugar will help us stay focused.
  • Be careful! Although these are taken by prescription and we have not been warned of their side effects, we must read the leaflet carefully, there are many drugs that induce sleep.
  • Check the weather forecast and avoid the hottest hours and night.
  • Do not eat large meals, heavy digestion will make us sleepy.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages, driving under the influence of alcohol will be dangerous for us and for others.
  • Wear comfortable shoes , do not use shoes with a rigid sole, heels or flip-flops, since, in the event of an emergency braking with these shoes, it will be impossible to do it correctly.
  • Plan the route before starting the march to avoid penalties or cause accidents. Choose alternative routes to avoid delays.
  • Having a coffee before going out will help us to stay awake and attentive, however, excessive consumption of coffee could cause disturbance and arousal.

It is very important that we make sure we have the insurance policy and the complete documentation of the car . In addition, we must not forget the position triangles and the reflective vest .

It must be remembered that the loading of luggage is vitally important , because if we load the luggage incorrectly, the dynamic behavior of the vehicle is altered, we must not carry luggage, packages or loose objects in the back, since in the event of an accident they become true projectiles that can cause a lot of material and personal damage.

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