Flat Dtomatch with Foodmap diet

Goodbye abdominal bloating: the “magic word” to get back to having a flat stomach is FODMAP . It is the acronym of Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols , which translated becomes Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. This abbreviation indicates all those foods that can ferment causing intestinal problems . If you minimize their intake, through a personalized diet developed by the expert hands of … Read more

Why do men lose weight faster than women?

But is it really true that men lose weight faster than women? The answer is yes, as in reality many ladies have always said. At least when they reach middle age. The results of the experiment carried out by the British universities of Newcastle and Glasgow would leave no room for doubt. Researchers from the two universities have … Read more

Bread, crackers and breadsticks: what are the differences?

From wholemeal crackers to more elaborate breadsticks, alternatives to bread are increasingly numerous and delicious: what are the differences? The advice of Rosalba Mattei, associate professor of applied dietary technical sciences at the University of Siena (you can ask her for a consultation here ). Is bread or breadsticks more suitable for a low-calorie diet? Diet or no … Read more

How to do a Google review

Before you download an application, buy new digital content or visit a place, you usually do a Google search and read the reviews of other users to learn about their experience and their opinion. By doing this, you can understand when to avoid an application, perhaps because it is full of advertisements, or when not to go out to … Read more

Tips on professional insurance

Making sure does not simply mean signing a contract, but responding to the need to prevent events that could be dramatic for the family and professional economy. In our opinion, it is not enough to fulfill the legal obligations, but we must invest to guarantee a peaceful future. Insurance policies respond to the risk principle. The professional … Read more


Surely before traveling to Chicago there are some questions that will keep you awake. Will I be cold ? How am I going to get around the city ? Will I have time to see everything? Will I locate myself with the street names? In the same way, you should also be thinking about recommendations and tricks to see the interesting places to visit and, if it can be, at … Read more

12 tips to follow before embarking on a car trip

Holidays are synonymous with happiness, we are delighted to embark on a journey to our preferred destination, we prepare our bags conscientiously trying not to forget a single detail in them, but do we do the same with the vehicle that will transport our bags and our happiness? CEA gives you 12 tips to keep in mind … Read more


Your flight confirmation has just arrived and it is official: you are going to  travel to New York ! At that point, we all begin to daydream … And, with the illusion, it is easy to miss some practical detail or make a beginner’s mistake. After many years receiving friends in our city, we have seen everything. So, to make your … Read more

21 tips that will make your next trip easier

Normally, one only learns from his own mistakes, but if any of these tips helps you avoid complications in your trips , I accept the effort of having compiled them to have them all at hand. 1. Always carry auxiliary batteries and charger cable As much as many want to resist being permanently communicated, today the mobile … Read more

Our top 20 travel tips for New Travellers

They always ask us for our best travel advice and when we tell people that we are travel bloggers, the inevitable questions that follow (in this exact order) are: Which is your favorite place? What is your best travel tip? How do you earn money? So, it’s time to answer the questions on this list … Read more